An electrified grid covers an expanse equal to 8 football fields. For a sense of scale, note the herd of cattle grazing just above the grid. Photo © Craig Collins.


“Luminous Earth Grid”
© Stuart Williams 1993. All rights reserved.
Solano County, California



8 football fields in size • waterproof, flexible connectors link 1680 lamps • 12 miles electrical cable • 200 installers



Electrified Grid: “Luminous Earth Grid,” an array of 1,680 energy-efficient fluorescent lamps, swept over an area equal to 8 football fields, 50 miles north of San Francisco. Said the artist, “I see the project as a poetic statement on the potential harmony between technology and nature.” Over a five year period, Williams launched a rigorous fund raising campaign throughout Northern California, and raised nearly $500,000 to realize the massive project. It was widely acclaimed by critics around the globe and drew tens of thousands of visitors.




Said Williams, “The glowing green grid can be seen as an icon of computer imaging technology, which in this ‘real life,’ incarnation, gently melds with the flowing shape of a lovely landscape… a dream-like vision of symbiotic unity.”



▲   来自加州大学戴维斯分校的两名志愿者学生站在网格中。超过200位安装人员帮助制造和安装了该项目。

Two student volunteers from UC Davis standing in the grid.An installation crew of more than 200 individuals helped fabricate and install the project.


▲   黄昏时分的照片 Detail photo at twilight


▲   在网格上方的吃草的牛群。太阳能电围栏环绕在周长2400英尺的网格外,以阻止牛群走进灯阵内,以防止它们受伤或破坏灯阵。

Detail showing a herd of cattle grazing just above the grid. A solar-powered electric fence surrounded the 2400 foot perimeter of the grid to keep cattle from grazing within the array of lamps, which could have led to their injury and/or damage to the installation.


▲   这张照片近距离显示了4英尺T8荧光节能灯如何在橡胶清洗机软管中对接并获得保护。平行灯管下方,可见由PVC管保护的长达12英里的电缆。

This close up of the 4 foot energy-efficient T8 fluorescent lamps shows how they were joined end on end within a protective and flexible section of rubber washing machine hose. Paralleling the lamps, and running just under them, you can see lines of PVC pipe which carried more than 12 miles of electrical wiring.


▲   细节 Detail


▲   1,700个防水柔性连接器,将大量的荧光灯管末端连接。连接器不但提供防雨保护,还使得4英尺荧光管阵列能够弯曲并随地形起伏。照片©Stuart Williams。

1,700 waterproof, flexible electrical connectors are prepared, which linked the massive array of fluorescent tubes end on end. The connectors provided protection from rain, and also allowed the linear array of 4 foot tubes to bend and incrementally match the roll of the terrain. Photo © Stuart Williams.


▲   3英里的PVC导管,切成4英尺长,等待运输到项目现场。照片©Stuart Williams。

3 miles of PVC conduit, cut into 4 foot lengths, and awaiting transport to the project site. Photo © Stuart Williams.


▲   数万磅的钢制硬件,电缆,镇流器和节能灯必须用卡车运到现场。卡车装载运输后,耗时的现场安装就工作开始了,整个安装共计耗时一个月。

Tens of thousands of pounds of steel hardware, electrical cable, ballasts and energy-efficient lamps had to be trucked to the site. Many dozens of truck loads later, the lengthy on-site installation work commenced. On-site installation took one month. Photo © Stuart Williams.


▲   安装需要12英里的电缆。此外,为向电网供电,一条6吨重的延长电缆沿着高速公路一直连接到山坡的电线上。那条实心铜电缆足有一个男人前臂粗, 价值5万美元;由加利福尼亚州瓦列霍的美国海军造船厂借给了该项目。

12 miles of electrical wiring were required to facilitate the installation. In addition, a 6-ton extension cable was strung down the mountainside and hooked into existing power lines along the freeway to bring power to the grid. That solid copper cable — the diameter of a man’s forearm — was valued at $50,000, and was loaned to the project by the U.S. Naval Shipyards in Vallejo, California. Photo © Stuart Williams.


▲   三名专职安装人员。场外前期制作、现场安装和拆卸共需要20,000个小时的人工劳动。 项目所有材料都被回收或再循环。

Three dedicated members of the installation crew. 20,000 person hours of labor were required for off-site pre-fabrication, on-site installation, and de-installation. All materials were reclaimed or recycled. Photo © Stuart Williams.


▲   电网安装工作接近尾声,三位店里工程师和艺术家合影。

As the grid neared completion, the three lead electricians and the artist gathered for a photo. Photo © Nancy Bronstein.